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About the Staff

Tanja Simmons

Tanja Simmons - CEO & President

Tanja Simmons is the CEO & President of the National Network Organization for Veterans, Inc., and for the Tanja's Veterans Cleaning Service, Inc.

She is a national leader in evolving the lives of Veterans across the United States and is responsible for managing current and future growth for both the Veterans and her companies. Every day she helps the lives of many with her encouragement and high commitment to deliver a better life for all Veterans and their families.

Tanja Simmons has been a veteran for 22 years, and it is her desire and ambition to help veterans across America. Veterans have fought for this country, and 82% of them have come back to very little. Tanja Simmons have become all she can be in the service, and now she is going to dedicate the same aptitude to help her fellow veterans. The reason why she started this company is that she saw the cries of many of her fellow veterans, both in service and when they return home, and she wants to provide them to live in a place that they have dreamed of for so long.

National Network Organization For Veterans, Inc.

Esther McGear

Esther L. McGear - Vice President

Esther L. McGear is the Vice President for the National Network Organization for Veterans, Inc., and assists multiple businesses daily by using her 40 years of experiences and credentials to consult, train, advise, and tailor to any needs necessary.
She is responsible for the day-to-day operations to support the growth and focus on the strategic planning and goal-setting. She directs the operations of the company in support of its goals and by measuring progress and adjusting processes accordingly.

Esther L. McGear demonstrates her great judgement and wise knowledge every day, and because of her noble and value efforts, she has become a pillar of the community for her services and superb commitment to helping others.

National Network Organization For Veterans, Inc. "Our Mission is to Deliver Veterans to Lead a Very Healthy and Comfortable Life."

National Network Organization For Veterans, Inc.

Bobby J. McKenzie - Account Manager

Bobby McKenzie joined NNOV in January of 2018.   He has served as the Senior Pastor of the Macedonia Missionary Baptist church in the great city of Albion for 3 years.   Pastor McKenzie has brought vision, integrity, energy, and excitement to this great ministry that has caused tremendous spiritual and numerical growth.  

Pastor McKenzie also has led the Macedonia Ministry into the Albion community to deliver food baskets to Albion residents.  He took the church on a "go ye therefore" journey where Macedonia members went in to the community to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, met the residents of Albion and invited them to attend church.  This anointed Preaching and Teaching Visionary pastor is also a devoted husband, and father of two beautiful children.  

Bobby McKenzie's goal is to serve the Veterans with honor, respect, and compassion.  In this position he will work diligently and  thank them by supporting their needs as they transition back from duty.

National Network Organization For Veterans, Inc.

Michael McKissick - Construction Manager

Michael McKissick has worked with NNOV since January 2017.  He has rehabbed several homes for NNOV which now houses homeless Veterans.  Michael is President of The Mikey 23 Foundation which was founded in memory of Michael McKissic II who was tragically taken away from his family.  The mission of the Mikey 23 Foundation is to improve the lives of young people through innovative education and training in the area of skilled trades.  Utilizing this program is an awesome opportunity to not only train young people but it provides happier times for homeless veterans who are on their road to stability and recovery.

Mikey 23 Foundation

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